Friday, February 3, 2012

fuck man

You want to know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of society portraying woman as this sleek, thin, skimpy little sack of bones. You want to know something? That's not sexy. That's not hot. I'm tired of the media and the famous people proclaiming about how weight loss is a good thing and that you can't be beautiful until you are a certain size and a certain shape. You want to know something? I'm a size 14. And I love it. When I look into the mirror every day, I see my weight. I see that I'm not what the world would call perfect, but I am me. I have a few curves. I have a good appitite, but I'm happy. I'm not making myself miserable over counting every calorie, but I eat brown rice because it's better for me. I'm not obsessing over exercise and sweating my ass off, but I go for a walk with Lex every day and I go to the gym every now and then.

The idea is to be happy about yourself. And that's not just about weight. You should be happy about your life as well, your children, animals, friends, family, everything around you that is beautiful. Everything around you that makes your life special, that stuff is all so much more important than how much you weigh. How much you weigh doesn't change any of the important stuff.

And if you want to know who I'm talking about specifically, I'm going to tell you.

Ashley, you are the truest person I have ever met and I could never ask for a better friend. You have stood by my side from day one. You are the first person I call in any occasion. I hate when you say that you're fat and you're not pretty, because I don't see fat and ugly when I see you. I see my stunning best friend. I see someone that I love very much and it's not fair that even if I tell you that you're beautiful, you won't listen to me. I see your contageous smile that always makes me smile and the person that I can always count on no matter what.

Victoria, when I first met you, the only thing that went through my head was jealousy. She's prettier than me, she's nicer than me, she has a kid and I don't. She's better than me. And you want to know something that I DIDN'T notice at all? Your fat. You can call me a liar, I don't care, but it's the truth. I know you're not a size 3, but I also know that you are gorgeous. But that's because in my eyes, a woman doesn't have to be a size 3 to be beautiful

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