Sunday, January 29, 2012

My husband needed a pep talk

And so I gave him one. I didn't realize though, that I myself needed a pep talk and writing one for him was the exact kind of encouragment I needed.

Hey you let me tell you something. I don't tell you this alot, because I know it will usually come back and bite me in the ass someday when it gives you the inspiration to do a stupid marine thing that will probably end up with me crying and alone. You are an extremely strong person, Jordan. When you fight for what you want, when you fight for something, you give it everything that you have and will do anything that you can to get it. There are legends about people like you. There are stories of men that have pushed through every obstical and trial and have come out unscathed, in fact, stronger than they were when they began. You have proven yourself by taking every weakness and fighting through it, by ignoring the screaming in your muscles, the stabs of pain in your joints, the cough and burning in your throat and lungs, you have brought yourself through it by seeing only the goal, by seeing the only thing that matters. Pushing your body and your mind to your limit and beyond. I'm saying this as someone who works with marines, who sees hundreds of them every day and listens to them complain and bitch. They aren't made of the same shit you are. And I'm not just saying that because I'm your wife. I will not talk you out of this, not only because I know that you want this, and I want you to be happy, but because I KNOW that you will succeed and I also know that we will not see your true potential until you are tested. That's where you will shine. That is where you will excell. I know you will. I know that you were meant to be a Marine because this is where God has put us. You belong in MARSOC. You know it. I know it. We can both feel it in our guts.

And I want you to know that I'm proud of you for doing this honey. I proud of you for fighting for this. I'm also always here for you. I will always take care of you because I know that you will not take care of yourself. It's my lap you will lay your head in after the hard days of training. It's my hands that will massage your sore muscles. It's my lips that you will kiss goodbye and my waiting arms that you will always return to.

I needed to say this to him. But I also needed to hear it from myself.  I hope that he found it as motivating and encouraging as I found writing it.


  1. This made me cry. Not too much longer girl! You can do it :) You are definitely giving me inspiration and hope to know that I will make it through Kristofers deployment starting in September.

    1. :) I'm glad you liked it. I hope he does. I just sent it to him. You will be fine. You're strong. you can do this. You have friends who are here for you too. <3