Sunday, February 12, 2012

I overwhelm myself sometimes

I tell two people that I'm going to be at both of their parties. Even though their parties are at different times, I'd have to leave work immediately to go to one in order to get to the other.

Hello? Did you forget that you have four animals?

Did you forget that they need to be fed? Medicated? Let out to use the bathroom? When exactly were you planning on doing that?

Did you forget that you have to switch the snake light when it gets dark? Did you forget that the fish need to eat every day?

Why do you do this? You know what will end up happening (because it did) you cancel on one party, and they get upset at you because you already said that you were coming. And you have to leave early the other party and they get upset because you only showed for like 30 minutes. Now both are upset with you.

All because you forgot about your responsibilites at home.

One day I'm going to learn. I may lose some friends in the process (I probably already did), but I'll learn how to balance myself out.

-One of the worst parts about this is that the girl who threw the party I cancelled on, blocked me and the other girl, the birthday girl, defriended me. I can't even apologize to them. It's really all I want to do. I have no excuses. I have no reasons. I fucked up. They deserve apologies, but I can't give them.

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