Sunday, January 1, 2012

What I love about a military community

I just got done chasing a dog halfway to Morehead city. She had been missing since last night and as soon as I got off my shift, I went over to Jessie's and we joined the search in looking for her. In a military community, that is normal. That is what is expected. I don't even know the owners, I don't even know the dog. It's one of my neighbors co-workers. But we have each others back. Like our husbands have each others backs, our families support each other. There were three families searching for Mushi. All of them had a dog that they loved back home and knew that it was important to find her. The last thing I wanted to be doing was stumbling (literally) down a railroad track between Newport and Havelock, looking for a sharpei with a pink sweater after working 8 hours to boot, but as soon as I heard she was missing, I knew that I had to help. I would want someone to help if I were looking for Lex.

Jeremy chased that dog for 6 miles. I know that Jordan would have done the same. When Crystal and Jeremy finally caught her, the hug that they gave her was so moving, it brought tears to my eyes. But they wouldn't have caught her without their neighbors driving the car around and finally spotting her pink sweater near the railroad tracks. Or them taking Jess, Crystal and I to the other side of Havelock to cut her off, or me taking off the tie to my sweater so that she had a leash on the way home. Things like that, communities who drop their lives to help make me happy to live here.

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