Sunday, December 4, 2011


When everything seems to fail and the world turns to shit, my God will always pull me through. It just kinda sucks that I have to hit rock bottom before he picks me back up. It's nice though, sometimes. It feels good to really be humbled like that. To just sit down and pray and kinda be like, "Alright. Do what you have to do. I am completely in your hands now,"

My cars battery was dead and I was convinced that I had completely lost my wallet forever. I was blessed by an amazing neighbor who lended her car and the police officer who helped up jump it. I am blessed because my government ID was not in the wallet that was lost. I am blessed because my husband said he loved my new haircut. I am blessed because when I decided to give up looking, I went outside to tell my friend and I saw my wallet laying in the grass a few feet away from my house. I am truly and deeply blessed.

These past few days have really been a learning experience for me. I have God to thank for everything working out in the end.

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